What is a Heart Wall & Why Does it Matter?

heart wall

Have you ever used phrases such as “my heart is broken”, “my heart hurts”, or “they’re suffering from heartache”? Why is it that we describe emotional distress in terms of physical discomfort so often? The reason is that the spiritual and physical parts of ourselves are completely interconnected. Dramatic changes in our core energy and emotional health can have a direct effect on our physical bodies. That’s why during times of extreme emotional distress, we will often feel physically tired or otherwise unwell.

When we go through something traumatic or difficult in our life, our natural reaction is to try to protect our heart from further distress. As a result, we instinctively build an energetic wall around our heart, known as a “heart wall”. Dr. Bradley Nelson was the first to discover the existence of heart walls. Since them, energy workers have determined that nearly all of us will build these types of walls up around our heart at different points in our lives. We all go through trying times, therefore we are all prone to building heart walls.

Unfortunately, in trying to protect ourselves, we can actually, trap negative energy around hour heart within our heart walls.

Do You Think You Have a Heart Wall Built Up?

If so, you’re not alone. The truth is that the majority of people may be walking around with their heart walls up, even though they don’t know it. The trouble with having your heart walls built up is that it acts as a blockage during the very time when you’re trying to move on with your life. People with heart walls often feel anxious or depressed. They can also suffer from physical pain and fatigue. These symptoms can affect your relationships and keep you from achieving your goals.

The Solution

The good news is that your heart wall does not have to be permanent. You just need the help of a skilled energy worker. Energy clearing sessions are the most helpful way to eliminate the heart walls that are currently holding you back from living your life to the fullest. The best thing about receiving a heart wall clearing is that it can be done remotely. That means you can receive the clearing service in the comfort of your own home.

Keeping Heart Walls at Bay

Once your heart walls have been cleared, what can you do avoid building them up again? The answer to this question may differ from person to person. However, a helpful first step may be to take some time for personal reflection. We put heart walls up for a reason, so it’s important to try to determine what prompted your heart walls in the first place. Perhaps it was a serious loss or a difficult relationship. In any case, it’s helpful to acknowledge the types of situations that may put you at risk of creating future heart walls.

To learn more about heart wall clearing sessions and whether they’re right for you, contact me today.

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