Rhonda Crockett Logue is a naturally gifted Healer who has been helping others for many years. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Social Work and she is certified as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Crystal Reader and Spontaneous Transformation Practitioner.  Rhonda previously worked 20+ years assisting youth and families within the foster care system. In 2012, Rhonda began her own journey of healing and enlightenment and she then became aware of her Divine Talents and Gifts.

Rhonda is happily married to Terry Logue and they have five beautiful children together.  We are blessed with two wonderful daughter-in-laws as well. Rhonda and Terry’s middle child, Jeremy Logue, transitioned from this lifetime at the young age of 18 and he is their guiding light. Since his passing 6/20/16, Jeremy has channeled two books to Rhonda titled “Jeremy Shares His Love From Above” which is a guide to rise above grief and live a joyous life and “Master Earth Living” which offers tools to master life on Earth.  Terry is a certified Success Coach specializing in the Laws of Attraction and also a Hippocrates Health Institute Health Instructor.  His passion is to assist and to guide others to be healthy and to live their Dream Lives. Rhonda and Terry enjoy family time, visiting sacred and high energy places, spending time outdoors hiking or having fun at the lake, watching their daughters play soccer, socializing with friends, learning and increasing their awareness and enlightenment, and sharing with others.



Rhonda loves working with God’s healing tools including Crystals, Essential Oils, Botanicals, and Nature. She utilizes Dr. Bradley Nelson’s amazing Emotion Code and Body Code Techniques routinely in healing sessions.

Rhonda and Terry’s Mission is to increase Light and Love in the World!

The Ultimate Health, Wealth & Relationship Retreat with Dr. Bradley Nelson held in Las Vegas, Nevada ~ Oct. 2017.

Rhonda is Excited and Blessed to be on this Wonderful Journey of Enlightenment and Growth with you and to assist with reclaiming the Divine Beings of Pure Unconditional Love that You Are! 
Angel Blessing and Love to the Divine You!