I would just like to thank Rhonda at Sprinkling Sunshine for all her help.  She truly is amazing.  My husband was in the hospital with Kidney Stones and was in so much pain.  I had never seen him with so much pain.  Rhonda did her natural healing and it was truly amazing.  His pain went away his stones went away. I know some people will be skeptical but once you let her help you, you will see that she truly is amazing.  Rhonda is one of the greatest people you will ever meet.  She is honest, trustworthy and just one of the truest hearts you will ever know.

Please contact me anytime.
Alica Morris
Wanted to publicly thank Rhonda Crockett Logue for her generous offer of sharing her emotional code gift. I definitely felt it and seeing the results. Like the blocks have been removed, eyes opened, fog lifted. If you haven’t booked with her you definitely should! Life changing. And everything she picked up on was true and accurate. Amazing! Feeling Blessed.
Yvette Marie

My husband and I have 5 children, life for us is always in the fast lane. My husband also is starting his own business,  so he is always working which causes lots of stress especially in construction because no work means no money. Energy healing by Rhonda has been a blessing to our family. She worked on my husband and his stress level has gone down, the day after this was done he received a call from a company and was asked if he would like a partnership with them!!! Which is such a blessing, his business is growing and the work keeps coming.  But more important to me is my families health,  my daughter was told she would have to have her tonsils removed, my motherly instinct told me not to go through with it, I asked Rhonda to work on her and she hasn’t had strep throat since! !! What a blessing her healing has done for our family!!!

Thank you,

 Michelle Espitia & family


Rhonda is an amazing and gifted healer! She did an amazing reading for me, that really resonated with me! Appreciate her generosity and gifts!

Jane Tabachnick


I want to Thank You for the intuitive healing and energy work you did for me! I immediately felt more energy and lightness, more joy and aliveness after the healing session and it has continued over the past few weeks. I have received several healing sessions of various modalities and with multiple healers in recent months, and the session I enjoyed with you was very insightful and powerful. You told me details with an accurate timeline that no one else had detected or known. I feel like a new person, with more fun in my life again. Thank You! 


Cyndi Crockett



“I was able to feel a definite shift in energy during and after her work. She knew about family events that I had not shared at all.

She was amazing!”



Rhonda did the Emotion Code for me and she was right on the point. It’s going to blow you away.

Mirna Mirn


I am truly amazed and ever grateful to you that I just had to share some of my beautiful healing and inner changes that I have experienced while working with you this past month.
Since our first session my sleeping patterns changed dramatically. I am able to fall asleep easily and sleep deeper.
We released many layers of trapped emotions that had been in and around my body for some time. And amazingly some had been within me since childhood. Imagine that!
Today I feel a heighten Knowing of…peace in my heart, calmness, increased self esteem and that all will be well.
And lastly…even my two cats Charlie and Molly have felt the shift in my energy. They are more playful with me and each other. And they are even more into giving snuggles!!! If that doesn’t say it all!!!
Thank you Rhonda for choosing me…for taking the time in helping me and deepen the healing on my life’s journey.

Many Blessings,
Jo Ann Chalik


Rhonda helped me on my healing journey. She is a warm and friendly person. She helped me overcome my anxiety. She truly is a remarkable lady. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much.
Katie Martin


I had come across this lovely lady, she offered to give me 4 free healing sessions at a hour a week.
At first, I was full of stagnant emotions from my past, even early childhood. My heart had 8ch of stagnant energy fiend, which was stopping me from moving forward and had blocks in my pineal gland. Basically blocks all over my body.
This lovely lady can connect with you, assist with the angels and use her intuition to find bad energy that needs to be released. After each hour session, she would go through what she has released and a few days after each session, i felt moody, grumpy tired and had lovely deep sleeps. This is because the energy that Rhonda released was slowly leaving my body which takes time and you get the side effects.
At the end of session 4, I can tell you I felt so much better, lighter and happier. My spiritual experiences have enhanced. My past is in the past and I’m quite happy to wake up every day as I’m happy in myself.
All I can say is, if you’re not happy in life and your going through a bad patch, come to this woman as she will get rid of the horrible energy.
Thank you and I love you 🙂 I will certainly be back xxx

Sarah Holding


I was fortunate enough to participate in Rhonda’s healing sessions to help her with her certification. She was able to easily connect with my higher self and help me release so many energy blocks and completely decimate my very large heart wall. It was a major block hindering my path to self love. Many of my blocks attached in childhood and have played havoc with me all of my life. Each session I felt so much relief and so much lighter. One of my issues I wanted help with was expressing myself with the right words at the right times and I feel that the right words are flowing through me now as I type. I can’t thank her enough for the beautiful gift she gave me. I am eternally grateful for this amazing beautiful experience and I highly recommend this beautiful soul as she was such a blessing to me. Thank you Rhonda from the bottom of my “Now Open” heart. Much love and many blessings to you!!!

Cherri Smith