Gratitude Journal
Quickly shift your Energy with Gratitude.

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The Hidden Power, Yourself,
by Thomas Troward
Read this aloud every day and
watch how your life changes!

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A Little Video Made Especially for Empathic People
A great little video to watch whenever you need to rebalance your energy. Perfect to download onto your phone so it is easily accessible when needed.
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A Super Charged Prayer for Wholeness and Healing!
Listen to this short prayer every day to remember that you are whole.
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Dr. Bradley Nelson: Best Interview on
EMOTION CODE Technique, Removing
Heart-Walls & Muscle Testing.
The Emotion Code is easy to do and
to learn!

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How to Avoid New Trapped Emotions
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Nothing is Solid & Everything is Energy
Scientists Explain The World of Quantum Physics. Our trapped emotions are energy and energy can be shifted.

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How to become Limitless
Enlightenment! You will truly enjoy this!
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Pure and Powerful Positive Affirmations
Affirmations change your thoughts that change your behavior.
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How to Attract Anything You Want into Your Life, with Deepak Chopra and Melyssa Griffin

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(scroll down on Melyssa Griffin’s website to listen to her amazing interview with Deepak Chopra) You will love it!