11 Steps to Heal You!


Steps to Heal You!

  1. Know that you can heal yourself and overcome ANY circumstance! If you do not believe that you can, then BORROW MY BELIEF that you can, as I see you as God does which is Complete, Whole and Perfect!
  2. Know that you are Worthy and you deserve to live without ailments. You are a child of the most powerful God and you are Bigger than any illness, depression or any circumstance. God does not want you to live in pain or sadness, so why should you want that for yourself.
  3. Focus on what is Right and not on what you perceive is Wrong or Bad. Example-focus on good eye sight, breathing, living another day, not on a pain, ailment, or a situation you perceive as bad. Give your attention to what is going Right in your life so that what you Like increases. Unfortunately, if we focus on what we dislike such as pain/depression/anger, then that (the pain/depression/anger) will grow. This is called Law of Attraction! We attract what we give attention to.
  4. When we feel pain, grief, sadness, our Soul is alerting us that we are moving away from our Divine Path, and our Soul is trying to steer us back on course. Say these affirmations repeatedly “I am safe” and “I am well” until what you feel subsides. This retrains the mind to know that you are safe and that all is well.
  5. Live in the Present Moment. Living with thoughts of the past or future keeps one stuck in ailments/worry/depression. Living in the present moment brings calmness and peace. Taking deep breaths assist with bringing one back to the present moment. Breathe in counting to 4, hold for 4 and release counting to 4. Repeating this 4 times.
  6. When calm and in the present moment, notice what comes to you. Follow all Divine Guidance you receive. This could come in a knowing, a message on the radio or from a person, a thought that pops in your head, etc. Many times we are consciously already aware of how to improve our situation, but we choose not to follow our awareness. It could be to exercise, eat healthier, think positive thoughts, relocate, change friends, leave a job, go visit a certain friend, etc. We already have all the answers inside of us to all our situations. We do not find the perfect answer for us outside of us. Go inside, by meditating on an answer to your situation coming to you, and you will find what you are looking for. Following our Divine Guidance puts us back on our Divine Path.
  7. Know that all is Divinely Perfect for our Growth and Expansion.
  8. Forgive yourself and others to set yourself Free. You deserve to live Free!
  9. Love yourself, everything thing about you, every experience you have or had as it was all to help you to learn and grow.
  10. Know that Divine Beings (Angels, God, Guides, our Loved Ones in Heaven) have our back but we must call on them to assist. They love when we call on them, so do so!
  11. Love your Healing Journey. We learn so much about Ourselves through this process!

Angel Blessings,


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