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Welcome to Sprinkling Sunshine!

Coming to this website could be the first step you take towards living a life you completely love. I am here to be your guide through clearing blockages in your life, returning to wellness, improving relationships, acquiring financial freedom, and more.

I help people just like you get back to living a life they love every single day. Regardless of whether {you’re|you are} dealing with grief, a lack of confidence, or if you merely don’t feel at your best, I am here to offer holistic guidance to help you break past your emotional blockages. As a natural holistic healer, it is my privilege to help people in breaking free of the damaging energies that have held them back for too long.

{We’ve|We have} all faced trying times in our lives. Sometimes, the energy surrounding the pain of those difficult times can persist, making it hard for us to find peace and balance in our lives. My goal is to guide you through your healing journey, making the process as easy as possible.

About Holistic Healing in Buckland AK

There have been some genuinely remarkable breakthroughs in modern medicine just within our lifetime. However, the truth of the matter is that traditional medicine too often tries to pacify our symptoms rather than truly helping us heal. That’s because medicine that only treats the body is only doing part of the job. Your mind, heart, soul, and overall energy also play a big part in the way you feel.

Holistic medicine seeks to treat each person as a whole, focusing on not only their body but their mind and spirit as well. Practitioners of holistic medicine believe that in order for you to feel your best, all these different components must be in harmony. Finding balance commonly involves dispelling the negative energies that surround you. These energies not only hold you back mentally, but they can also make it more difficult for you to heal your physical self as well.

Although holistic healing is considered to be alternative medicine, I am not looking to replace your regular doctor. Instead, I use energy work to support the healthy choices {you’re|you are} already making. Lots of my clients in Buckland AK come to me after several months or even years of trying conventional medicine, therapy, or even grief counseling with little success.

By using my unique approach to holistic counseling, I can help you finally clear the blockages that have been holding you back for far too long. Not only can this make you feel lighter mentally and emotionally, many of my clients find that they feel better physically as well. That’s due to the fact that the energy work I do makes it so that both the physical and non-physical parts of yourself are able to work with each other again.

What do I mean by blockages?

A blockage is damaging energy that brings resistance against your highest good. Many of us who are suffering from blockages may discover that they experience negative emotions, setbacks, or a lower sense of self-worth. In some cases, blockages can even trigger people to experience physical distress such as a diminished immune system or pain all through their body. A blockage does exactly that, blocks you from feeling your best and receiving good into your life.

Blockages can happen for different reasons. Some blockages are a result of taking in the negative energy of others. While other blockages are a result of walls we put up around our own hearts. No matter what the case, blockages can only serve to hold you back, so it’s best to do whatever you can to remove them.

My Services

I offer a range of different treatments depending on your unique needs. First, I recommend that you take advantage of my free guide that shows you how to meditate and step into your divine. Mediation is a wonderful way to reconnect with parts of yourself that you’ve long been out of tune with.

In addition, I offer several individualized services for those who really want to take the next step in their healing process.

Energy Releasing Sessions Buckland AK

Frequently we carry blockages with us that hinder our ability to heal, grow, and live our lives to the fullest. If there is anything in your life that you’ve been trying to achieve or attain, but you just can’t seem to get it done, then a blockage might be to blame. My exclusive energy clearing services allow you to break those blockages once and for all.

Due to the fact they are done remotely, Energy Healing Sessions are ideal for your busy lifestyle. Your sessions can be done either via email or over the phone, whatever works best for you. Energy Healing Sessions are perfect for people of all ages. Sessions are even available for pets!

Email Energy Healing Packages: An email energy session is great for people with a busy schedule. After an initial assessment, we will schedule a time for your energy clearing, which will be done remotely. It is not necessary for you to be in contact with your healer during an email energy session, so you are free to go about your schedule as normal.

During the scheduled time, your holistic practitioner will go to work clearing your energy remotely. Although you are not an active participant in the clearing, the effects are the same!
Once your session is complete, you will receive a detailed report via email describing the energies that were released.

Phone Energy Healing Packages: If you prefer to have a live connection with your holistic practitioner during an energy clearing, then a phone energy healing session is perfect for you. These sessions can be conducted over the phone (within the United States), or via Skype or Facebook Messenger. During your session, your practitioner will clear the energies that are currently creating blockages in your life. After your session is complete, you will receive an email listing the energies released during your appointment.

Which Method is Most Effective?
Both phone and email energy clearing sessions can be just as effective. With the aid of some Divine Guidance, I am able to connect with my client’s energy field even when we are not in the same room together.

After Your Session

Once your session is concluded, I will activate a protective Energy Shield to shield you against the negative energy of others. Soon you will begin to notice the energy shifts taking place within you. Just remember to be mindful of your Energy Shield. When {you’re|you are} ready to start your day, or if you find yourself in a overwhelming situation, simply say “Shield Up” to re-engage your Energy Shield to its full force.

Get in touch with me today to learn more about Energy Releasing Sessions.

Energetic Body Scan in Buckland AK

Lots of people think that there is a divide between our spiritual and physical selves. However, the truth is that our entire being, both the part that is seen and unseen, must work in harmony. Our energy can have a immediate effect on our internal organs and immune system. Typically when our energy is off balance, it will manifest as physical or emotional ailments.

In the course of an Energetic Body Scan, your holistic practitioner is able to determine whether or not your heart, mind, and body are communicating effectively. After determining any imbalances, we are often able to release some trapped energies during your one-hour session as well.

An Energetic Body Scan is not intended to replace any type of medical treatment or cure any ailments. Rather, it serves to support your healthy decisions by giving you some insight into your energy imbalances.

Contact me to schedule your appointment for an Energetic Body Scan in Buckland AK today!

Heart Walls Cleared

It’s not unusual to build a wall of encased emotions around our heart. A Heart Wall will typically manifest during a trying time in your life. Putting up a Heart Wall is a natural defense mechanism against having your heart injured or broken.

If you’ve endured isolation, loss, or abuse in your life, odds are you’ve put up a Heart Wall of your own. The issue with a Heart Wall is that it tends to result in certain types of blockages. People with a heart Wall will often discover that they have problems accepting love or abundance in their life. Other people experience physical pain in their neck or shoulders due to their Heart Wall.

After one to three sessions, your holistic practitioner is able to help you completely clear your Heart Wall. Once your Heart Wall is clear, may feel lighter and will be open to receiving good in your life once more.

If {you’re|you are} interested in learning more about Heart Walls, contact me today to schedule a consultation.


From essential oils to healing crystals, there are a couple of things that all of us should have in our “spiritual toolbox”. Throughout my years of experience as a natural healer, I’ve learned about some wonderful items that can help you with everything from clearing blockages to healing from grief.

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