How We Can Learn to Learn How to Forgive Ourselves

forgive yourself

It’s not uncommon for us to hold on to our regrets and disappointment of our past. In some cases, we hold these grudges against our own selves for many years. The problem with this is that these negative feelings towards ourselves can block us from moving forward in other areas of our life. That’s why it’s so important that we learn to forgive ourselves for things that have happened in the past. Of course, this task is sometimes easier said than done.

First, it’s important to face where your feeling of guilt or anger is coming from head on. What were your specific actions (or lack of actions) that caused you to feel this disappointment in yourself? Say them out loud, write them done, do whatever you need to do to fully acknowledge these negative feelings. Too often we tell ourselves we are over something, when really, we are far from it. If a certain moment in your past continues to come to mind over and over again, then you know you have not yet forgiven yourself and let it go.

Next, you must come to terms with the fact that your past does not represent who you are today. The things that happened in order to serve as a lesson. Rather than focusing on your negative feelings about past events, take some time to acknowledge what you learned from them. How did that lesson affect who you are today? Chances are, you were actually able to learn and grow from the experience, so be thankful for that.

Now, create some rules for yourself. Based on the negative experience of your past, what will your new moral codes be moving forward. How will you use these new values to achieve the goals you have for yourself today? Setting some ground rules for how you plan to “do better” may help open you more open to forgiving yourself.

Finally, acknowledge the fact that you are worthy of love and support. Think of all the negative things you have felt about yourself. What would you tell your dearest friends if they were beating themselves up in the same way? Chances are you would point out all of their wonderful qualities as well as their accomplishments. Releasing the negative energies associated with your past and granting yourself the love you deserve can help you finally put the past behind you and move on.

Once you’ve successfully let go of the past, you’ll soon find that you’re more open to accepting good in your life. Suddenly, hurdles that have long seemed impossible to get over don’t see so far out of reach. If there are things from your past that you have yet to forgive yourself for, don’t give you energy away to those moments in time any longer. Start taking steps today to release yourself from events that have long passed.

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