How Does a Body Energy Scan Work?

Human beings are amazing and fascinating creatures. Not only do we have incredible physical bodies that can heal, grow, and create, but we also all possess a powerful energy force within. It is an electromagnetic force that can impact us in a lot of different ways, particularly if there are energy blockages. This energetic part of our bodies is important because it can affect our health both positively and negatively in a lot of different ways. You should always strive to maintain healthy energy levels and balances, otherwise, it can lead to serious issues for our mental and physical health. You might be wondering how to best assess our energy forces? There is actually a body energy scan that can be used to help us determine the current state of our energy and figure out the best ways ways to improve it.

A body energy scan can help to identify how the immune system is functioning, how well our organs are communicating with each other, and determine if there are any significant imbalances within. It can be very useful for reducing stress and leading us to other healthy forms of holistic healing. The body energy scan works through a form of meditation that analyzes where tensions lie throughout our entire body. If you are looking to become more relaxed both mentally and physically, a body energy scan is a great opportunity to do so.

It helps to get in a position that is comfortable to you prior to beginning. Slow down your breathing and focus on taking breaths from your stomach instead of your chest. Focus your awareness on where the tension lies in your body, beginning with your head. Concentration is key during a body energy scan. Pinpoint the specific areas in your body where you think there might be energy blockages or tension. It helps to visualize the tension leaving your body while you progress through the scan. Move on through every part of your body from your head to your toes.

It can be a great help to hire a holistic healer to assist with your body energy scan. That way, they can keep you fully focused and guide you through the scan with maximum efficiency. A great holistic teacher will give you the dedication and focus you need to get the most out of these holistic healing methods. You don’t want to miss any energy blockages.

Sprinkling Sunshine Holistic Healing offers one-hour body scan sessions that can help you release energies that are trapped within. Rhonda Logue brings over 20 years of experience to each one of her clients. She is fully dedicated to helping others in any possible way that she can. Her body energy scan procedures are one of a kind. She is extremely experienced with helping others scan and recognize the areas that need the most work and so that you can start feeling better right after the first session.



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