How to Clear Unwanted Emotions

Emotions are our friends. They teach us and we grow. Feel the Emotion, don’t push it away. Love the Emotions, even Anger, Hate, and Sorrow. Thank the Emotion and then let it go.

Utilize the Release Technique by Lester Levenson. Identify where in your body you feel the Emotion. Where you feel a pain, a tightness. Maybe the throat or chest. Identify what Emotion it is…fear, anger, sadness, etc. Then say “I love you- example-fear. I really, really love you fear. I love you if you stay. I love you if you go. Thank you for the lessons that you’ve shown and now it is time for you to go. Please leave me now”. And let it go.

Harboring Negative Emotions including fear, sadness, shame and anger are low vibration feelings and will only cause you problems. Terry and Rhonda’s 13-year-old daughter, Megan, said in one breathe “I don’t want to run in Cross Country today” and in the following breathe she said, “My knee hurts now”.  Rhonda asked her what Emotion she felt. She said, “dread”. Megan could see that the Emotion of dread went from her thought/comment and lodged in her knee. Utilizing the Release Technique, Megan then released the Emotion of dread and she was fine. The pain left as she let it go. Megan was told to be careful what she thinks and says as she was creating her problem.

We create our own reality! Really! It is so important to think and say only positive comments to create a positive reality!

Love and Gratitude are the highest level frequency Emotions. They make us feel good.  We want more of this good feeling. By placing your hand over your heart and repeating the words Love and Gratitude, you raise your vibration instantly lifting your mood and making your body feel good.

Another fun technique to raise your vibration is called Raving. The first thing or person you see, you rave about it. For example, if you see a tree, you might say “I love you tree. You are so beautiful. Thank you for providing shade and a home for the animals”. Your vibration, your good feelings raise with each Rave.  As silly as this technique sounds, it really works. Give it a try!

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