4 Tips for Coping with Grief

cope with grief

We will all have to deal with grief at some point in our lives. Loss is a natural part of life, however, that doesn’t make it any easier to go through. When you’re dealing with grief, it’s normal to find it difficult to function in your day to day routine. As a natural healer, I help clients just like you work through their grief and start the healing process. Although there are several methods I use to help my clients through their healing process, the most important step is to start. Here are some of my recommendations for dealing with the early stages of grief.

Allow Yourself to Feel Your Grief

We often feel like we need to “be okay” for the people around us. However, if you’ve suffered extreme loss in your life, it’s okay to acknowledge it. You have every right to feel your grief, so don’t feel like you need to push down your emotions. Moving on does not start with ignoring the fact that you’ve gone through something traumatic.  

Reflect on Your Grief

In order to fully acknowledge your grief, it can be helpful to dissect your feelings past “I’m sad”. Consider mediation or journaling to help you really delve deep into what you’re experiencing. Yes, you’ve experienced loss, but what exactly have you lost? What are your concerns for the future? This practice may seem overwhelming at first, however, many people find this type of release to be really helpful to their healing process.

Lean on Others

It’s not uncommon for people dealing with grief to feel like they have to go through it alone. However, we all need to lean on others at certain points in our life, and that’s okay. Just as you would happily open your arms to a loved one in need, trust that there are people in your own life who would do the same. Even if it’s something as simple as helping you run errands, making you a meal, or even just sitting with you so you don’t feel alone, don’t be afraid to lean on your support system during your time of need.

Take Care of Your Body

The negative energy surrounding grief can quickly take a toll on our bodies. It’s not unusually for people who have fallen into depression to feel physical pain because of it. Although you may be in the process of healing from an emotionally trying time, don’t forget that your body needs selfcare as well. Make sure that you’re staying hydrated, taking time to exercise, and eating well.

If you’re having trouble coping with grief, contact me today to schedule la consultation. As a natural healer, I’ve helped countless individuals just like you heal from grief. My goal is to help guide you through the healing process to make it as easy as possible. I utilize a number of different methods of energy clearing in order to help my clients move forward after a traumatic situation, and I can help you as well. Take the first step in your healing process and contact me today.

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