4 Things That Can Instantly Lower Your Spiritual Vibrations

When it comes to spirituality and spiritual health, one of the main focuses is keeping your energy in a high-vibration state. An energy vibration is a field of energy that surrounds every single living thing. Our bodies are made of energy, as are our spirits. That’s why it’s so important to avoid low-vibration things if you want to stay healthy. Good vibrations tend to leave us feeling happy, energetic, and positive. Low vibrations, on the other hand, can lead us to feelings of depression, sadness, and lethargy. It is very important to avoid low vibrations, which is why we’ve put together a list of 4 things that can instantly lower your spiritual vibrations below so you know what to watch out for.

1. Fried and Unnatural Food

One of the easiest things to control in your life is the food that you consume. Have you ever noticed that your body tends to feel sluggish, lethargic, and low energy after you eat something that is fried or unhealthy? That’s because those unhealthy foods are low vibration foods. They often contain toxins and chemicals that are unnatural. These types of foods put our bodies in a defense mode which makes us feel bad. Instead, try to eat organic and natural foods that are chalked full of nutrients to keep your vibrations high.

2. The News

These days, we are surrounded by technology at all times of the day. This constant connection to the outside world leads us to low vibrations. The news is one of the things that can instantly lower your spiritual vibrations. Sure, it’s important to know what is going on in the world, but you should always keep in mind that the news focuses on negativity so that they can gain viewers. Every negative news headlines that come into your mind can lead to lower vibrations and a weaker energetic state. Try to limit the amount of news that you consume on a daily or weekly basis, especially since the news is constantly focused on negativity in the world.

3. Your Environment

Believe it or not, where you spend most of your time has a big impact on your overall vibration. If you spend time in an environment that is filled with negative energy or people that are unhappy, it can lead to a lower vibration within. Also, places like bars and nightclubs can be havens for negative energy as people try to escape their issues without confronting them. Keep this in mind the next time you aren’t feeling your best after spending time in a certain environment.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol, by definition, is a depressant. It’s one of the lowest vibration substances that one can consume. Even though it’s known as spirits, it tends to have a negative effect on your spiritual health. It offers essentially no health benefits and can lead to serious issues if you aren’t careful. Drinking alcohol responsibly every now and then isn’t too harmful, but always be conscious of the impact it can have on your energy vibrations.

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