Welcome to Sprinkling Sunshine!

We would love to assist You on your Healing Journey in a Holistic manner. We utilize Energy Healing Modalities! Energy Healing is God’s Divine Gift to Us. It is a safe, effective, and easy way to Heal! Energy Healing is moving stuck and trapped energy to promote and allow our Innate Healing Ability to flow!

Do you live with limitations?Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.11.38 AM

Do you have health issues or pain that limits you from fully enjoying life?

Do you struggle with not having enough money causing you to limit your desires?

Do you have limiting beliefs (I’m not good enough! I can’t do that! We can’t afford that! That will never happen for me! I will never get well! I will always be depressed!) that interfere and limit you from obtaining your dreams-the awesome job, the perfect relationship, the beautiful house, a wonderful family, traveling to exotic places….

Are you able to love another person Unconditionally even though they may have hurt you; or do you limit your love?

God wants us to love Unconditionally and to live with Abundance in all areas of our lives!

In fact, God already provides us with Abundance including the ability to Love Unconditionally!

Why do we not always see this?

Clutter! Yes Clutter!

Our Perfect and Pure Beings become cluttered with Emotional Baggage obtained from our experiences and from our ancestors. We might experience Anger when sitting in traffic, yelled at by the boss, the children misbehave, we don’t get the job we want…   We might experience Sadness when a loved one passes on, a friend becomes ill, a relationship ends, when we are told we are no good…

The Energy of our Emotions, Traumas, Memories Replaying and even Emotions, Traumas and Illnesses passed down from Ancestors can become trapped in our bodies creating health issues, depression, money problems, anxiety, limiting beliefs, relationship issues, struggles with obtaining abundance, inability to clearly hear divine guidance and more!

Well, I have Good News–

We can help you to Free yourself from the Clutter!air_crop380w

You can free yourself of pain, sadness, financial problems and struggles. You can release yourself from the sadness of losing a loved one, of the belief that you are no good, of childhood traumas, of the memories of being picked on as a kid, abused by a parent or abusing another. These are all negative energies that can prevent you from being your Pure Divine Self of Light and Love and living the life you want and deserve! Thankfully, these negative energies can painlessly and easily be released.

We are able to identify trapped energy and blockages with the help of God, Angels, utilizing Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code technique (healerslibrary.com) and other modalities.

Once the trapped emotions and blockages are identified, we assist God and the Angels in releasing them from you. Your body can then begin to heal itself. You become more open for that perfect job or relationship to come your way. The depression or anxiety lessens or disappears. The negative thought that played in your mind dissolves. The anger and hurt you exhibited around a person who previously abused you is no longer there. 


Because the clutter is released!

It is Truly Amazing and So Simple!

And best of all, the more clutter you clear, the more you Can Hear and Tune into Divine Guidance. The Divine sends us messages all the time but we cannot hear the messages with all the clutter.

Once free from the clutter, you begin to Hear, and Life is Truly Amazing! You just listen and follow. You discover your True Gifts, your Life Path, and your Life Purpose. All things fall into place. You live in Harmony and Joy!

How Cool is that!

God wants you to be Free!

God wants you to love your neighbor and yourself Unconditionally and live Abundantly!

To be the Light for All to See!

So, if you are having struggles with Health Issues, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Finances, Connecting with the Divine and more,


“I would just like to thank Rhonda at Sprinkling Sunshine for all her help.  She truly is amazing.  My husband was in the hospital with Kidney Stones and was in so much pain.  I had never seen him with so much pain.  Rhonda did her natural healing and it was truly amazing.  His pain went away, his stones went away. I know some people will be skeptical but once you let her help you, you will see that she truly is amazing.  Rhonda is one of the greatest people you will ever meet.  She is honest, trustworthy and just one of the truest hearts you will ever know.” 


Alica Morris

Many of us have built an energetic wall of trapped emotions around our heart called a Heart Wall. The Heart Wall develops at a difficult time in one’s life to protect the heart from injury or from being broken.

For example, a Heart Wall may develop when encountering abuse, loss of a loved one, breaking up from a relationship… The Heart Wall was discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson who estimated that 93% of people have a Heart Wall or have a Hidden Heart Wall.

Unfortunately, the Heart Wall can later cause problems including difficulties in relationships, depression, isolation, numbed emotions, anxiety, inability to give and receive love, health problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, heart pain, inability to receive abundance and more.

Good News though is that a Heart Wall can be removed quickly and easily!

“Rhonda, thank you so much. I appreciate your time and love put into the clearing and the angel reading for me. I didn’t know I had trapped emotions that blocked me. However, after you mentioned that I put up a heart wall at the age of 37, I can believe that completely. During that time my dear friend, who I thought was a best friend, she was slowly but surely working on scamming/conning me of all my $$$$ and she had special gifts that she used in a not a good way. I have taken time to heal, and I wish her the best. I am grateful that you found the trapped emotions, and yes, the horror and disgust, and sadness stemmed from around that time in my life. Thank you! I will continue talking to my angels and God. Thank you for your generosity. Have a beautiful day.”

Xox,  Helen

“Rhonda, I just want to say thank you so much! The change in both of my daughters who are 11 and 14 is so noticeable. If someone would have told me that one session would do so much I wouldn’t have believed them. One of my daughters you said had pine needles around her heart wall and that is something that we were around constantly at that time. Once again, thank you for the detailed report and using your gift.”

Lana Villalobos

So, if you are ready to release the clutter, the negative energy, and set yourself Free and Live Abundantly and Happily, contact us for a session.

You will receive an initial 15-minute phone consultation and then a remote healing session to follow. You do not need to be physically present. You just feel and see the results. In addition, a report of negative energies released is emailed to you within 24 hours following your session.

Pretty Amazing!

Free 15 minute phone consultations are available on request to answer questions. Leave a message on the contact page and I will email you available times.

Animals can also acquire trapped negative energies including Heart Walls. 

Animals suffer from depression and similar ailments just as humans do. Schedule a session for your pet.

         “Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe.”  

 – Saint Augustine